Child Relocation

Child Relocation – Family Law Attorney in Richmond VAWhen a parent moves and wants to relocate the children as well, it may be a very important time to revisit your visitation or child custody order. Children can only be moved out of the Commonwealth of Virginia with their parents’ consent, or if it is in your children’s best interests. Of course, children are moved all the time without either of these outcomes. In these cases, it is likely that their parents did not take legal action before they moved their children. Once children are moved out of Virginia, it is harder for the remaining parent to take action to change their child’s custody or visitation, because once the children have lived in the new state for over six months, the new state may have jurisdiction over the children. If you have any questions about child relocation, please call Jonathan Murdoch-Kitt. With over 40 years of experience, he can help you through your unique situation.

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